I started writing ToneUp S3 on the 1st Febuary, 2005 as a hobby to learn a new programming language. TetherPro was started in December, 2007 and reached beta in April, 2008. Master was started in May and reached beta in September, 2008. Timelord is still pre-beta. I have been writing computer games for about 14 years using C and figured it was time to learn something new. I have worked on ToneUp in my spare time almost constantly ever since and estimate it has taken approximately 2500 hours to get it to this stage. About 90% of ToneUp is written in C#, the rest is written using a combination of C and C++ Dlls. I would have used C# throughout if possible, but there are some things that are much much quicker to do in straight C. TetherPro, Master and Timelord are 98% C# with just the camera communication being written in C.

My key skills are writing physics engines and car dynamic simulations, but I have been involved in most areas of game development. Currently I am employed at NaturalMotion Ltd as Head of Games Development. We are working on our first title called Backbreaker. The links on the right form my Softography, starting in 1995.