Frequently Asked Questions - if you do not find an answer to your questions please drop me an email.

Q1) How do I get TetherPro?

A1) TetherPro is only available via this website or Ebay. The easiest way is via the Buy Now page. You will then automatically receive a download email. Please check your spam filters as they sometimes catch this email

Q2) I have paid but not received my download email. Where is it?

A1) The download email should arrive within an hour or so of payment being made. If it doesn't arrive it may have been mistaken as spam and rejected. Please check your spam folder or email me (contact button on website).

Q3) Can I install TetherPro on two machines without buying another license?

A1) Your license is a single-user license. I provide additional licenses for a much reduced price of $14.99 here

Q4) What cameras are supported?

A1) All Nikon and Canon DSLRs, and most other DSLRS such as Sony, Fuji, etc although they may have reduced settings in the Remomte Control. The Nikon D3000/3100/3200 have reduced functionality but will still transfer images back to the PC. Note: Canon 350D and 400D are not supported.

Q5) What operating systems will TetherPro work with?

A1) TetherPro will work with Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP. It will not work on any Mac OS unless you use VM Fusion or Parallels

Q6) Which cameras support tethered bulb mode for Astrophotography (ie, longer than 30 second exposures)?

A1) All Canon DSLRs support this. Nikon support is limited to D5200, D600, D800/800E and D4 cameras

Q7) When I run it complains about a missing MSVCR100.DLL. What do I do?

A1) You are missing one of Microsoft's DLL. Simply follow this link

Q8) My camera won't connect with TetherPro (I see a red cross on the camera icon)

A1) If you own one of Nikon's older DSLRs (ie, D40, D50, D60, D70, D80, D90, D200, etc) you will need to enable the 'unsupported drivers'. Please click 'File/Options/Connectivity' and tick 'Unsupported Drivers' followed by 'Rescan'. Your camera should now connect

Q9) My camera still doesn't connect - what shall I do?

A1) Ensure you have downloaded/installed the latest BETA version, available here

A2) Make sure your camera doesn't have LOTs of images on its memory card

A3) Try an alternative USB port in case its damaged

A4) Ensure that both "Windows Image Acqusition (WIA)" and "Shell Hardware Detection" services are both started - look in Control Panel/System and Security/Administrative Tools/Services

A5) Run in 'Compatibility mode' :-

1. Right click on the icon, and select the �Compatiblity� tab.
2. If most of the settings are greyed out, hit the �Change settings for all users� button.
3. In this dialog, select �Run this program in compatibility mode for:� and choose �WIndows Vista (Service Pack 1) then Apply
4. Open the �Shortcut� tab and hit the �Advanced�� button. Check �Run as administrator�

A7) Reboot your computer.

A8) Check your camera battery is not flat / low.

A9) Email me via the Contact button

Q10) I am a registered user - How do I get the latest version?

A1) Simply visit the Download page and enter your original log-in details (name and email address)

Q11) How do I get my registration code?

A1) Simply run TetherPro and click 'Register', then follow the on-screen instructions

Q12) I would like a feature added, can it be done?

A1) Yes, I am always happy to discuss bespoke features for a nominate fee