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The best DSLR tethering software on the Internet

TetherPro takes the torture out of tethering and lets you concentrate on creating great shots. LCD screens are fine for amateurs, but you deserve to review your photos on the big-screen.

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Full-screen review
Windowed, full-screen, automatically printed or passed on to the application
of your choice – TetherPro lets you decide how you want to view your

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Utilising your camera’s LiveView feature, TetherPro streams the image to your laptop live allowing you to judge composition before you take the shot.

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Remote Control
Take full remote control of your Nikon or Canon DSLR via the built-in remote control, including aperture, exposure, shutter firing and much more.

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Customisable Workflow
Single button press categorisation of your images - User-definable actions per category, including move, rename, copy, delete and print.
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