Get TetherPro if you want to see photos on your laptop straight after taking them. Ideal for Studio, Event, Hobby or Astrophotography.

In a typical shoot you take hundreds of shots and review them on a tiny LCD screen on the back of your camera. Then back at the office you trawl through the images all over again to select the 'keepers'...

When shooting with TetherPro your images are displayed full-screen on your Laptop directly after each shot, allowing you and your client to approve them straight away. Gone forever are the hours of sorting and selecting photos after a shoot.

TetherPro offers you :
  • Enhanced Workflow and massive Time Savings
  • LiveView - See your photos on your PC before you take the shot
  • Remote Camera Control - Control Camera Settings from your PC
  • Images Transfered and Displayed on your PC after each shot
  • View images Full Screen, Seperate Window or send to your favorite application
  • 100% Secure Tethered Shooting via USB Cable
  • Customisable rules giving Complete Control over your image files
  • Take shots via your Mobile Phone (using web browser) - BETA
  • Automatic Image Backup for Safety
  • Automatic Printing of images and Proof Sheets
  • Automatic Bracketing of shots
  • Suitable for HDR shooting
  • Suitable for Astrophotography shooting
  • Bulb mode tethered shooting for 30+ second exposures (latest cameras only)
  • Save to PC and Camera memory card (latest cameras only)
  • Compatible with RAW, JPG and TIFF images

Compatible with all versions of Microsoft Windows, and All Nikon and Canon DSLRs Get It Now

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