Timelord is one of the most advanced Time Lapse (Intervalmeter) applications available. Along with the standard 'Shutter Releasing', Timelord offers the unique ability to alter any of the camera's settings at regular intervals!

New to Timelord is a dedicated HDR Wizard allowing you to easily and quickly set up sequences of shots ideal for composing HDR images. Simply set the number of shots, the Aperture, Shutter or EV adjustment and let Timelord do the rest. You can even tell Timelord to repeat the shoot as many times as you want!

Buy Timelord if you want :-

  • To take shots ready to create a Time Lapse movie
  • Easy HDR photography
  • Adjust other Camera Settings at set intervals
  • See the Camera's Setting on a Time-Graph
  • Calender Starting / Stopping
  • Email Notifications
  • Images Automatically Transfered to your PC after each shot

Compatible with all versions of Microsoft Windows, and All Nikon and Canon DSLRs

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