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How to Tether your Camera

Nikon DSLR

Tethering is easy. All you need are the four items above, plug them all together and away you go.

Here's your checklist :-

  • 1) A DSLR camera - All of Canon and Nikon's DSLR range will tether apart from the Nikon D3000/3100/3200 Remember to buy a camera with LiveView if you want to use that feature.

  • 2) A mini USB cable - you should have received one with your camera, but you can buy them from any electronic store. You can get them up to 10m, although 5m is more reliable.

  • 3) A laptop or PC - make sure its running Windows 7, Vista or XP. You can run on Mac OS if you have a Windows Virtual Machine such as Fusion-VM or Parallels.

  • 4) Tethering Software - TetherPro is our dedicated tethering software and currently 50% off. Its simple interface will have you shooting in seconds.
First, connect your camera and switch it on. Windows will auto-detect it as a USB device and install the appropriate drivers. Then install your tethering software and run it. Depending on the software you may need to go through some setup, TetherPro just lets you get straight on with shooting.